Welcome to the experience of your personal narration

Expressing freely thoughts, fears and desires in a safe and confidential setting is the essence of the psychiatric and psychoanalytic work.

The presence of an emotionally reflective and caring expert creates the proper environment for personal exploration and growth.

Who is G.K.

Born and raised in Thessaloniki, he has also lived in the U.K. and Italy and trained at the 2nd Psychiatric Clinic of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). His own years “on the couch” (more than a decade of personal psychoanalysis) have shaped his therapeutic stance.  “Listening” is what matters and he can  “listen” in Greek, Italian and English.

Who is G.K.

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1975. He graduated from the Medical School, AUTH in 2000. He received his degree in Psychiatry from the 2nd University Psychiatric Clinic, AUTH in 2008, where he completed his basic training in Psychoanalysis, Group Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Family Systemic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Analytical and Supportive Psychotherapy, along with his training in Biological and Pharmacological Therapies. During the same time, he trained in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry.

Since 2009, he has been working in his private practice in Psychiatric, Psychoanalytic and Group settings and as an addiction specialist at the Greek Organization Against Drugs (OKANA). He has also been appointed Scientific Director of OKANA’s Substitution Treatment Unit at the General Hospital “Agios Pavlos” of Thessaloniki since 2011, assigned with additional administrative duties. All the while, he renders Consultation-Liaison Psychiatric services to the Hospital’s Clinics.

Additionally, he has been providing external supervision to residents of the 2nd University Psychiatric Clinic (AUTH) since 2010 and psychoanalytic supervision since 2012. He has given a series of lectures on Clinical Psychopharmacology for the Postgraduate Diploma in Social and Clinical Psychology (Dpt. of Psychology, AUTH). He has volunteered as a consultant Psychiatrist at the Thessaloniki Association of Families for Mental Health.Essentially, his therapeutic stance derives from his personal experience on the psychoanalytic couch. He has lived in Ierissos, Naousa and Chania in Greece, as well as in London, Rome and Naples.


Psychoanalysis – Psychotherapy

A safe space for personal unfolding that starts with a simple suggestion: “Say whatever comes into your mind”.

It does not necessarily entail a strenuous effort, but rather a process than can be joyful, creative and even revealing, regardless of the numbers of sessions.

Supervision/ Counselling

A process for individuals or groups working in highly demanding or stressful environments; a creative outlet…

Medical Treatment

Sometimes it is useful to consider the possibility of a medication regimen.

Medical Treatment requires knowledge, staying up to date, and guidance taking place in a shared decision-making process.

The sessions are held in Greek, Italian, and English.

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